PA Notes

March 2014
  • Pizzeria Uno's week will take place from 3/10 - 3/14.  Up to 20% of the receipts will be donated to our school.
  • The Carnival was a great success this year.  Children enjoyed a session of bouncy houses, games, and other activities, capped off by popcorn and a balloon.
  • The FIRST SCHOOL AUCTION will take place on 5/14 in the evening.  Donors and helpers are needed - please contact us if you're interested in helping!
  • Parents approved additional funding to help support the cost of supplemental enrichment activities.  The LEAP Bookmaking Program for K-2nd Grades (4 sessions, all materials provided - teaching artists will incorporate the current curriculum into a pop-up book making project with the kids).  Parents will be asked to contribute $5 per child.  Grades 3-5 will be invited to visit the BioBus, a mobile science lab filled with microscopes and other scientific equipment.  Parents will be asked to contribute $2 per child.
  • 5th grade parents sponsored the monthly raffle basket.
February 2014
  • Parents approved $1500 additional funding for the Unity Stage Arts Action Indoor Recess Program.  This has been well received by students, parents and teachers - the kids are up dancing during the recess period, and being inside has never been so much fun!  The program brings artists to the school twice per week during the winter months.
  • 5th grade parents are organizing to help plan the yearbook and graduation events and activities.
  • The School Wellness Survey results are out - 91% of families wanted more opportunities for physical education and movement.  High interest sports were soccer and martial arts.
January 2014
  • Jeff Groner was elected as the newest parent representative on the School Leadership Team.
  • Parents discussed the LEAP arts program, and the Arts Action recess program.
  • The treasurer's report was presented to the parents; most fundraisers have exceeded their expected income thus far.
December 2013
  • Bylaws were reviewed - emergency expenditures are not to exceed $100 (this applies to above the budget purchases).
  • Arts Action Recess Program will start 12/10/13
  • Miss Chocolate Sales had a profit above the budgeted amount
  • PA Volunteers are needed for the audit, fundraising, and membership committees.
November 2013
  • Parents voted to form a Title 1 Parent Subcommittee to help make decisions about how to use Title 1 parent involvement monies allocated to our school.
  • Bylaws: PA executive board quorum consists of 5 members.
  • Class Parents: few have returned the forms; awaiting larger scope for participation 
April 2013
  • Plant Sale will be on 5/9 and 5/10 for Mothers' Day
  • Kaufman Astoria Studios donated a large gift basket for our first raffle at PA Conferences
  • Pizza Uno's fundraiser could be improved with higher participation - up to 20% of the bill will be donated to the school during a given "Dough Raiser" day.
  • Proposed changes to the bylaws to allow for co-presidents, co-vice presidents and co-secretaries were brought to the floor by a motion from the general assembly.  A vote will be held on 4/19 @ 2:30 pm to accept / reject these changes
  • Expedited elections (nominations and elections at the same meeting) will be held at the next PA Meeting in May.
December 2012
  • Picture day went smoothly and Candy sale went well.
  • Carnival is coming up:  February 13-15.
  • Movie Night starting next month (January). Considering the last Friday in each month.  PS85 had a great Movie night:  Made $600.  Free admission, sell popcorn and other items.  Will provide tickets to interested families in advance.    Will send out a notice to families soon.
  • International Food Night:  Asked how many people would be interested ~18 raised their hands. Asked for volunteers to sign up to help plan.

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